success stories


"After injuring myself through sport I was unable to undertake strenuous exercise so I needed a trainer to assist my rehabilitation who also understood my limitations. I knew if I trained on my own I would risk further injury. Tim tailored my program to meet my specific rehabilitation needs putting a lot of time into designing a variety of workouts. With Tim's support I've had no further injuries upon returning to sport and significantly improved my strength. My training preparation with Tim has seen me compete in variety of obstacle race events including Spartan and Tough Mudder - I couldn't have achieved without Tim's help!"


February 2018

Success Story - Oliver
"I've taken part in various obstacle races in the past. Recently I've had my 3rd child and really needed structure and order to help me get fit and strong again. I don't want to win any race, I just want to do my personal best. The weekly workouts provided by Obstacle Course Coaching have not only helped me bounce back to pre-baby body shape but I am feeling fitter, focused and motivated with the additional support Tim offers. I recommend these workouts to anyone just wanting to get into shape.  


January 2018

Success Story - Kat

"I’ve been working with Tim for over 2 years now, his complete dedication and personal inspiration to both his program workouts and individual client needs is a testament to his character and professionalism. If obstacle course racing is where you want to go Tim is the person to take you there... Aroo"


October 2017

Success Story - Matt