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Obstacle Course Coaching are trusted and experienced in designing customised online OCR training programs. Our priority is to ensure you achieve your goals and receive an online training experience that is personalised just to you that exceeds your service expectations.

No one athlete is the same and neither are our programs. Our approach is to understand all your variables - your individual goals, training experiences, injuries, and access to training equipment.

With COVID-19 circumstances changing on a daily basis, at Obstacle Course Coaching, we're focusing primarily on the health and safety of you and the broader community.


We carefully develop a customised online program that's just for you, and we guarantee it will transform you into the racer you aspire to be. At Obstacle Course Coaching, there is no ‘one sizes fits all’ approach!


Obstacle Course Coaching offer a holistic and modern approach to fitness and we’re passionate about people and obstacle course racing. We will guide, inspire and motivate you to help you reach your peak performance ready for when the Spartan race calendar commences. 

Spartan is the world's best obstacle race. Getting strong, fit and race ready starts now! Sign up today and be trained by Australia's best Spartan SGX qualified coach.

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SPARTAN - Obstacle Course Coaching
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SPARTAN - Obstacle Course Coaching
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SPARTAN - Obstacle Course Coaching
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Our customised programs are designed for racers of all levels. Whether you’re training for your first race, want to improve on a previous performance or improve on specific skills to achieve a podium finish, we can tailor a program to meet your needs!


From only $30 per week, our innovative workouts combine the latest in resistance training, body weight moves, energy system development, heart rate base training, recovery, and obstacle-specific techniques to prepare you for race day.

​Why you should train with Obstacle Course Coaching?

  • Personalised daily support from the moment you sign up, we will always make ourselves available for you

  • A periodisation calendar is developed incorporating structured training cycles to ensure you are optimising your training adaptions, ensuring you're in 'peak race form' come race day

  • Your program is developed using the most up to date strength & conditioning techniques and protocols

  • A 3 week build up : 1 week deload training volume and taper approach is used to avoid over training and injury

  • 5x benchmark tests that specifically measure your ongoing fitness requirements for continuous progression through your program

  • Advanced testings provided for your specific racing conditions (e.g. stadium, high elevation, extreme environments)

  • Convenient access to your program via a mobile phone app that includes exercise demonstration videos, obstacle tutorial videos, log videos to ensure you’re performing exercises correctly and safely and daily notifications and tracking of your workout completion to keep you accountable and on track

  • Race day guidance including the correct hydration protocols, what to eat leading up to and on race day and what to wear  


3x Customised Sessions

per Week


$30 per Week

Direct Debit


4x Customised Sessions

per Week


$35 per Week

Direct Debit


5x Customised Sessions

per Week


$40 per Week

Direct Debit


4x Customised Sessions

per Week


$140 Upfront


4x Customised Sessions

per Week

$270 Upfront


4x Customised Sessions

per Week

$390 Upfront





“Obstacle Course Coaching (OCC) made my (almost) impossible dreams a reality. I have done customised programs with OCC twice now. The first was only 4 weeks, when I made a spontaneous decision to attend the OCR Endurance World Championships in 2018.


Tim’s expertise set him apart. When so many trainers just tried to get me fit, Tim got me event ready. He developed my cardio, endurance and speed with precision, while improving and perfecting strength (including grip), technique, and obstacle skills. I have previously worked in the fitness industry, but I have never met a coach of Tim’s calibre. This allowed me to take on the Championships feeling confident and taking home 8th place in my age group.


The training is incredible, but the biggest benefit is the community you become a part of. No matter the race or event, you always have a group of people cheering you on, and eager to hear how you go (I can still hear the amazing Kat cheering me on at 2AM during OCRWC Enduro!). The experience was so good that I have returned again, to undertake a 22 week customised program with OCC in preparation for returning to the OCR Endurance World Championships.


If you're looking for an expert coach, and a family-like community, Obstacle Course Coahcing are easily the best choice.”


abouT us

Obstacle Course Coaching are experts in training individuals to be OCR fit and ready!

We are passionate about OCR and literally live and breathe it! What keeps us motivated is the incredible OCR community. 

We know that when you train effectively for a race, you'll feel prepared, and are more likely to enjoy the Spartan race event. It all came from feeling race ready!


Obstacle Course Coaching's Founder and Head Coach Tim Sloane, is a certified Personal Trainer and Spartan SGX Coach with over a decade of experience training athletes. As an experienced podium finishing OCR athlete he understands the hurdles of training, but as a coach he knows exactly what's required to overcome them. 


Tim is a highly respected and sought after OCR trainer because he invests his knowledge, experience and passion for Obstacle Course Race training to ensure EVERY one of his clients reach their desired goals and guarantees you will achieve results.